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Entry #1


2014-08-01 04:25:15 by TasteLeRainbow

So I've been getting some good feedback, and I want to give a shout out to Big-Cronk for his support and exposure. I'm getting stuff up when I can, and I'm still writing. If anyone is actually reading this, thank you. Please let me know if yoou want me to write something specific for you. I'm always glad to help.


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2014-08-03 02:45:19

I have listened some of your songs, you have good stuff dude.
A little more of extra "make-up" on your tracks it's all you need to start kicking some ass.


2014-08-05 17:43:40

Hey man, were both helping each other get exposure ;) Your music is inspiring, and I enjoy what you are doing here, keep doing what you do my friend :)